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Games and House Design for Pets: Games and House Design for Parakeets read online ebook FB2, DJV


Parakeet owners can build imaginative and good-looking bird stands, create colorful toys and feeding containers, and much more. The imaginative pet owners' series Games and House Design for Pets are books that feature color photos, sidebar tips, and detailed information on pet-specific games and activities that owners can share with their pets for fun and bonding. Pet lovers will also find comprehensive directions for constructing housing and accessories that optimize their pet's comfort and contentment while offering the pets some degree of freedom. Color photos on most pages., Pets are fun--and books in Barron's imaginative new Games and House Design for Pets series are packed with ideas for games and activities that promote bonding between owners and pets. In Games and House Design for Parakeets, Hildegard Niemann shares her understanding of the different things that keep parakeets happy and contented, and gives her readers inventive ideas for housing these engaging birds. She presents-- Detailed plans for constructing good-looking bird stands and bird houses Instructions for making colorful toys and feeding containers Directions for building a virtual parakeet playground that includes miniature ladders and swings She also shows parakeet owners how to incorporate plant life into their bird's environment for a setting that is more akin to nature, and she inspires owners with descriptions of games and tricks they can teach their bird. The book is filled with detailed instructions, how-to photos for all suggested projects, and eye-catching sidebar tips., Who wouldn't want their lively parakeets to enjoy long and full lives? The key to keeping happy, healthy birds is offering a variety of activities to promote mental and physical fitness. Games and House Design-for Parakeets provides owners with: Simple instructions for transforming a cage or aviary into a comfortable home, Ideas for turning a room or patio into an adventure playground, Toys, tricks, and other fun activities to banish boredom Book jacket.

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