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Read online ebook Contemporary Food Engineering: Advances in Heat Transfer Unit Operations : Baking and Freezing in Bread Making 40 (2016, Hardcover) in MOBI, EPUB, FB2


Advances in Heat Transfer Unit Operations: Baking and Freezing in Bread Makingexplains the latest understanding of heat transfer phenomena involved in the baking and freezing of bread and describes the most recent advanced techniques used to produce higher quality bread with a longer shelf life. Heat transfer phenomena occur during key bread-making stages (cold storage, resting, and fermentation) in which temperature and amount of heat transfer must be carefully controlled. This book combines the engineering and technological aspects of heat transfer operations and discusses how these operations interact with the bread making process; the book also discusses how baking and freezing influence the product quality. Divided into fourteen chapters, the book covers the basics of heat and mass transfer, fluid dynamics, and surface phenomena in bread-making industrial operations, mathematical modelling in porous systems, the estimation of thermo-physical properties related to bread making, design of equipment, and industrial applications., This book presents a review of the advances in freezing and baking and examples related to bread making industry. Heat transfer processes are important parts of many food industries, as many types of equipment based on this transport phenomenon are involved during the processing of foods. In the bread making processes, heat transfer operations are applied during almost the whole sequence of production but at different degrees, as in mixing where heat transfer is low, or during the resting period at controlled temperature where heat transfer is higher, and baking where heat transfer is very intense.

Download Contemporary Food Engineering: Advances in Heat Transfer Unit Operations : Baking and Freezing in Bread Making 40 (2016, Hardcover) by DOC, DJV, TXT

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